Friday, March 4, 2011

The World's Pickiest Eater...

I am a picky eater. I had a friend in college who used to say she was keeping a list of all the foods I don't eat to give to my future husband. At one point she told be the list was a page and a half long...although I'm pretty sure she was joking.
Don't let my yapping about being picky fool you though, I am an eater. I love to eat (not like you couldn't tell that given how much I talk about food here). There are plenty of foods I do love to eat and plenty of the foods I love to eat are things other people think are weird. Let me tell you about all the foods I absolutely adore:
Butternut squash
Goat cheese
Ok…really all seafood
Nuts (all varieties)
Greek yogurt
Cinnamon (I know this is a spice not a food, but I love it)
Pasta (all varieties)
Olives (all varieties)
Broccoli (I could eat broccoli everyday)
This is just a small sample of all the things I love to eat. I actually omitted the boring things like plain chicken breasts, rice, potatoes, and most of the vegetables.
Now let's talk about the things I don't eat:
1. Cauliflower. I love broccoli, but I think cauliflower is absolutely revolting. It's something about the texture and the lack of taste. It's just gross. 
2. Green Bell Pepper. I will eat these, but I don't especially like them. I prefer the sweeter taste of the Red and Yellow Peppers. 
3. Maple Syrup. I have never liked maple syrup, I usually eat my pancakes and waffles either plain, with peanut butter, or with a fruit-based syrup. (Side Note: I have learned in the last few years that it's actually the imitation maple syrups I dislike. I am learning to like the more subtle flavor of real maple syrup.)
4. Crawfish. I know I said I like all seafood, but I don't really think of crawfish as seafood. My aversion to crawfish is partially related to the fact that you have to pull their heads off to eat them and that TOTALLY WEIRDS ME OUT!!!! And part of my aversion is that I think Crawfish taste like dirt and grit. 
5. Oysters. See above, minus the pulling the heads off bit. 
6. Raw onion. 
7. Spicy food. StupidHot is not a flavor. Period.
8. Buffalo flavored anything. I just don't like the way it tastes, even when it isn't too spicy. 
9. Bleu Cheese. Eating mold weirds me out and I just don't like how it tastes.  
This last one is the only one I absolutely will not eat. Ever. Period. I would eat (or pretend to eat) the above foods, especially if someone served them to me at their home. But I will not eat:
10. Mustard. I am totally grossed out by all variations of mustard. The flavor, the color, the smell, all of it makes me nauseous and I usually feel like I'm going to be sick.
 I'm not sure I'm actually the world's pickiest eater, but I am definitely picky about the weirdest things. But somehow I still manage to eat a lot of really good food.


  1. You must have REAL SYRUP. Aunt Jemima et. al is NOT REAL MAPLE SYRUP. It's even called pancake syrup, and I find it absolutely disgusting. I stock up when I go up north so that I'm not caught without any, that's how horrifying i find it.

    And for the record, you're not pulling the heads off of crawfish, it's the tail. And they are delicious! You need to give them another chance! Even if it's in a dish that has crawfish tails, that way you don't have to take them apart yourself. You didn't mention crab or lobster... do you not like those either? They are all very similar!

  2. Yay greek yogurt! I discovered Chobani last month when it was on sale. I actually went back to the store the same day and bought 20 more! (last day of sale)

    I agree with you on the mustard. :P

  3. @Vanessa, no I have no problem with lobster or crab. I just find crawfish gross; the whole food with eyes thing and I think they taste like dirt (not just bad, actual dirt.)

    @Bentley, I love Chobani. It's probably my favorite Greek Yogurt.