Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday: Weight Watchers Day

Starting Weight: 247.4
Weight Last Week: 241.2
Weight This Week: 237.6

I lost another 3.6 this week! Holler!
The WW assignment this week was to eat out on plan. Y'all this was an EPICFAIL! Seriously, I did not make good restaurant choices. I ate out three times and a half times this week; which is considerably more than I've been eating out since I made this "lifestyle choice". Let's discuss my good choices first though, because there were a few...
The Good: The half meal out was at book club on Thursday; I had a cup of French Onion Soup and a Vodka Tonic at StoneWood Grill. It probably wasn't the best choice, but I really love their French Onion Soup there and I planned for it so I fell like that one worked out ok. Friday I had sushi (my fav!) and I did pretty good, mostly fresh veggies and fish, no fried rolls or mayo and only a part of a Philadelphia roll as an end of the week treat. Again I planned for that and ate more fruits/veggies at lunch so I stayed within my Points. But seriously youguys the weekend...DISASTER.
The Bad: This weekend was tasty but not at all WW friendly or even you know remotely healthy. My first meal of the weekend was at La Tropicana Cafe; a bustling little joint in Ybor. The food was really really good, but there wasn't a single thing that resembled a vegetable on the whole menu. I ordered an egg cuban and a cup of coffee. The sandwich was good; scrambled eggs with ham, chorizo, and cheese on crusty cuban bread, but the coffee stole the show. It was traditional Cuban coffee, strong and dark, and filled with cream (I'm pretty sure it was real cream not milk). The saving grace was that I don't like sugar in my coffee. Then Sunday there was brunch at Cantina Laredo and the potatoes from heaven. I know I said sushi was my favorite, but Mexican is my favorite too! I told you guys yesterday that I ordered the Chilaquiles at brunch and all about the fabulousness. Yummy shredded chicken, spicy sauce, fried tortillas, and queso, holy heart attack on a plate! What I didn't tell y'all was about the real highlight. Some kind of potato dish the name of which I cannot remember (and it was in Spanish so I probably couldn't spell it anyway), but thin sliced potatoes, cream sauce, cheese, spices, and a crunchy topping...almost like a gratin but like a hundred times better.
I have discussed before that I love food...like a lot. And clearly I'm still having trouble making good restaurant choices. I could say it was because both meals were with new groups of friends, but that's just an excuse. I just need to make better choices. Here's to the coming week!

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