Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making my list, checking it twice

I know technically the "holidays" don't start until Thanksgiving, but my Christmas loving heart feels like the holiday season begins in well June. I'm totally one of those irritating Christmas people; you know the ones, the people who bop around during the holidays all smiles, jingle bells, and Christmas cookies. That's totally me; I'm never happier than at Christmas. So welcome to the holiday season folks!! Thanksgiving is roughly two weeks away (Pie Night is exactly two weeks from tomorrow night) and Christmas is less than 50 days from now.
All this being said, I'm totally on the hunt for the world's best Christmas presents. I love love love finding just the right gift for people. I usually at least have an idea, but this year I'm totally blank. I've been trolling Amazon, Red Envelope, and Overstock for two weeks already and no inspiration. Hopefully I'll strike on something soon. Hope you are enjoying the crispy cool weather (me I've got three blankets on my bed, Yay cold weather!!)

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