Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation Day 5: The End

Vacation was fantastic! Relaxing and fun and and sunny!

Goodbye, Boardwalk!
I saw lots of great wildlife; sea turtles, dolphins, fish, birds, sand crabs, and this odd half crab half spider thing that I'm pretty sure tried to eat me alive.

Goodbye, Little Water Bird!
The water was warm but rough with bigger waves than I've seen before (and I grew up going to this string of beaches); we did get in some fantastic boogie boarding though. I called a truce with my mortal enemy the sand for five days and we parted on semi-civil terms.

It was an excellent vacation and I'm sorry to see it end. Tomorrow it's back to the real world, but there are only 124 days until I go to Mexico/Belize/Honduras for Christmas!

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