Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If I Knew You Were Coming...

A lot of my early are of being in the kitchen with my Mom. I remember finger-painting on cookie trays on the kitchen floor and creating a symphony with a metal pan and a wooden spoon. I remember watching my mother make meatballs, oil lasagna noodles, or roll out pie crust. I remember "helping" make chocolate chip cookie, brownies, and my Dad's annual Birthday Carrot Cake.
It was during this "Can I help?" period that I got an EasyBake Oven, it was white and hot pink with a little purple. It baked cake and cookies with a light bulb...a light bulb! I was amazed, except I'm pretty sure I remember the food tasting like crap. But I loved being able to bake on my own; to dump those teensy envelopes of white powder it a bowl and mix mix mix, then scrape it into a pan (like a real baker), and put it in the oven. But, I learned something sort of tragic yesterday reading FoodNetwork Magazine. Due to the phasing out of 100-watt incandescent light bulbs Hasbro is re-making the EasyBake. No longer will mini-bakers-in-training mix and pour and bake by light bulb. They will have an EasyBake with some sort of real heating element (lame!). This makes me sad, but I'm glad I have fond EasyBake memories.

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