Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still a Work in Progress...

I have been doing Weight Watchers for seven months now; I've lost 35 pounds, run two 5k races (and multiple Thursday night non-race 5ks), and tried a lot of food I would not have tried otherwise. I was pretty sure I had my food and weight-loss philosophy pretty ironed out. I was that really irritating person who thought I knew more than evvverbody else about "eating in moderation" and I wasn't afraid to tell you about it. To those of you I irritated or offended, I apologize.
I fell off plan this week. Actually that's an understatement, I didn't just deviate slightly; I took a jump off the high dive. It was so incredibly easy to fall back into my old eating habits; making moderately okay choices during the day, but scarfing down everything in sight in the evening. I had some revelations this week though. I want to eat real food! It's that simple; I want real ice cream instead of over churned "diet" ice cream I have to convince myself tastes good, I want read bread not "sandwich-thins" or light English-muffins, and what the heck is so wrong with wanting a real egg?
So maybe my relationship with food and eating is still a work in progress. Maybe I'm actually going to have to practice eating in moderation; not just find ways substitute for what I really want. Because at the end of all this I can't just hide in my own kitchen, I still have to live and eat in the real world.

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