Saturday, July 9, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

It's almost my birthday *happy dance*! My actual birthday is on Tuesday, but I celebrated with my family tonight. We have a tradition were the birthday person gets to pick the restaurant and this year I chose to go to Raglan Road. The food here is good, standard pub fare kicked up a notch, but the real reason I wanted to go here was not for regular food. I wanted their bread pudding. These people have the best bread pudding in the effing world. Seriously. Generally I am not a fan of bread pudding or anything else that involves soggy bread of cake (yes, I'm looking at you tres leches cake), but this bread pudding is smooth and creamy and wonderful. And then you smother the whole thing with both vanilla sauce and a whiskey caramel sauce. Fan-freaking-tastic! I do not have picture because the entire dish was devoured before I even considered getting out my camera.
After dinner we came home and watched a movie. Then there were presents! I love presents and I'm very grateful to my family for the thought, time, and effort.
We also had cake and ice cream and my family sang happy birthday to me, but I'm saving all of that for a seperate post on my actual birthday.

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