Saturday, June 4, 2011

Family Fun

I'm visiting my parents this weekend. Today was fun and super relaxing; despite waking up at 6AM. I had lunch with my Mom and the ladies, then a quick nap, and a movie with the family. We saw X-Men: First Class; it was a little slow in the beginning, but overall it was pretty good. As sort of a casual X-Men fan I enjoyed the origins stories for some of the more well known characters. Then we watched Due Date, from Netflix, when we got home. It was funny-ish, but all I could think the entire time was that the Zach Galifinakis character was basically Alan from The Hangover all over again. So as much as I love Robert Downey Jr. it was hard to get into the movie (I kept expect to hear "Three Best Friends" at any second.)

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