Sunday, June 19, 2011

About my Dad...

I wrote on Mother’s Day how grateful I am for my Mom and how much I’ve learned from her. I am one of those people who is lucky enough to be incredibly close to both of my parents. My Dad is also a pretty amazing guy. 
Me, Dad, YoungerBrotherGreg; Circa1988
My Dad was my softball coach, my Algebra champion, and my Indian Princess partner.
He’s my fellow ice cream lover, football fan, and Star Trek aficionado.
He taught me how to use a kazoo and listen to *NSYNC on tape every morning for a whole school year; he also took me to see *NSYNC in concert and did not complain once.  
Me, BFFMandy, Dad; Seattle 2009
He taught me to shoot a three pointer, grill a hamburger, and build a sandcastle (even though he's a sand architect and I am really really not). He taught me to always have respect for myself.
He came to every concert, half-time show, and marching band parade; and always made sure I could hear him above the crowd.
He always lets me know how proud I make, but he also pushes me to be better, try harder, and never give up. And he catches me when I fall.
He taught me to be adventurous, silly, respectful, perseverant, and kind. 
Dad and LittleMe; 1985
My Dad has done hundred (probably thousands)of things for me through the years, some big and some small, and they’ve all shaped me into the person I am today. My Dad is an amazing person who for my whole life has shown me what a father really is. Thank you Dad for always being there to teach me and help me along the way. I love you.
Happy Father’s Day!

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