Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday: Weight Watchers Day

Starting Weight: 247.4
Weight Last Week: 228
Weight This Week: 229.4

I gained this week, not a lot...but more than I expected. I lost a lot last week, but this week was a food-filled mine field. It was BFFMandy's birthday, then a wedding, and Easter with my family. On one hand, I know that these are all just excuses for not staying on plan. On the other hand, it's really hard to bake cake or cupcakes for someone and then say "I'm not having any, it's not part of my lifesytle change." I mean really...so I'm never supposed to celebrate again?
As soon as I read that I wonder if maybe that mind set is part of the problem. I do my nest to be truthful when I write here. So I write how think, what I think (usually as I think it). If it's in my head and I type it... I don't delete and I rarely re-write, because I feel like that keeps me the most truthful. So I'm spilling my thoughts out and when I read them I back, I wonder...is that thought process-equating food and eating with celebration- is that one of my fundamental issues. Is that why these "diets" and "life-style changes" don't stick? Because if I'm honest there is a holiday, birthday, or other celebration every month of the year. So I try and track everything, even the chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes, and hope for no gain.
Any advice? How do you navigate a food-filled holiday in a healthy way?

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