Monday, April 18, 2011

Aches and Pains

My knee has been bothering me a lot lately (in case you missed the first 90,000 times I complained about it.) I finally went back to the running store where I got fitted for my shoes and asked them to check it out. They re-tested my gait in mt running shows and poked and prodded at my knee for a while. They finally surmised that it is an  issue with a muscle in my inner knee/upper thigh that is tight/bunching and causing the pain. The prescription: The Stick.
This is an odd bendy little stick with what appear to be rubber shower curtain rings wrapped around it. The idea is to run it along the too tight/sore muscle to help massage it out. Also suggest were continued regular icing and ice massages. I'll try all of this and hopefully get back on track with C25K soon.

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