Friday, March 11, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Happy Friday Eve Y'all! It's almost Happy Friday and I'm squeaking this post in at the last minute. Since it's late, and I'm getting up early to frost cupcakes in the AM, I'll just go ahead and jump right into the things I'm enjoying
 this week.
1. I found this super adorable bracelet while I was time-wasting on Etsy the other day. I love bracelets, mostly because I don't wear a lot of necklaces (stuff around my neck weirds me out). And this bracelet is pretty much perfect for me; it's vintage-esque and charming and not especially bling-tastic.
2. Family Time. My Dad's cousins Dan and Diane ( second cousins one removed?) are coming to visit this weekend so I'm headed over to my parent's on Saturday morning for super-fun family time. I'm excited. Also I mentioned to my Mom Tuesday that I really wanted pancakes for dinner, but that I was going to be good and have turkey meatloaf and salad instead. Then today I was talking to my Dad and he was buying stuff to make pancakes for b-fast on Sunday (awesomeness!)
3. Girls Night. I have been baking up a storm in preparation for time with the girl tomorrow. Currently there are two dozen chocolate-strawberry cupcakes in my fridge (the ones I need to frost tomorrow in the morning) and a pistachio cake with honey vanilla frosting.
4. Aprons. Speaking of baking I don't know how many of you know this, but I have quite the collection of aprons. Most of them live in my Mom's totallygigantic pantry and I have one here that was a present from when my parents went to Vancouver a few years ago. This apron is another Etsy, time-wasting find and I just think it would be super fun and j'adorable to wear this apron and bake cupcakes.


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  1. omg! You love apons too! They are my newest obsession. I am going to start making them, and selling them in my etsy store if they turn out cute. Check out HomeGoods too. I just found the cutest one there the other day. But they go fast there! There must be a lot of apron lovers in the area, lol.