Sunday, February 27, 2011

You get what you need...

Have you ever had the experience of something you hear on the radio or TV just hitting smack in the face? I was driving back from visiting my parents earlier this evening jamming to the radio, but they started talking which I generally hate. After scanning the radio, I stopped when I heard them talking about American Idol (I'm sort of addicted to this show. I thought they were probably talking about the new Top 24, but they were actually talking about Mandisa from way back in season 8. The DJ reminded everyone that Simon had made several terribly hurtful and rude comments about her size/weight, but that Mandisa had forgiven him later in the show. They then reported that over the past few years Mandisa has lost 100 pounds through diet and exercise. This was something I needed to hear for two reasons; one I have trouble forgiving people and I hold onto things for a very long time and two I am on my own weight-loss/health plan and it is often a struggle to make good choices. I had been considering stopping for ice cream when I got back to Tampa, but decided against it after hearing this radio segment tonight.

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