Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Hi y'all! I definitely feel like Thursdays are the best day to think about what I am most thankful for, what I'm enjoying most in life, or just what makes me happy. Besides the nicely alliterative title, this is the point in the week when I usually start to feel pretty stressed and stretched thin. The goal of this "series" was always just to share things that make me smile, sometimes with pictures or videos, so here's this weeks addition.
Things I Love:
1. Springtime! I know it's not officially springtime yet, but we're having some seriously springy weather in Tampa lately. As much as I love winter's cozy sweaters and cold weather, I'm pretty darn excited about the return of warmer temps (but check back with me in July...I'll be praying for the 50s then).
2. My officemates. I share my work space with a fantastic group of women. They're always there to lend an ear or a tissue on the rough days.
3. I am this close to being able to wear real shoes again. Anyone who has been following this blogging project (or who has been anywhere within 5 miles of me in the last few months), knows that I hurt my ankle last fall. Ok so technically it's my arch no my ankle but whatever. The point here is that at the beginning of March I will have been out of the boot for six months and ready to attempt regular people (Read: not sneakers) again.
4. Fresh Strawberries. Yum!

That's all for this week. Till tomorrow.

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