Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Well that's irritating...

Do ya'll remember back in November when I wrote about having jury duty? Well I was supposed to have a doctors appointment that morning. I called to rescheduled in the first week of November (before jury duty or my appointment) and was told the soonest I could be seen was tomorrow, December 30th at like 2 in the afternoon. I was all sorts of irritated (because at the time I also hadn't had my gallbladder out and I was still having some pretty intense pain), but I took the appointment. At some point after that, I'm not really sure when, the physician's office called and re-scheduled me again for this morning at 9AM. So imagine my surprise when I get there and they've canceled my appointment without informing me.The desk girl stated they had attempted to call me, at the wrong number, but obviously they were unsuccessful and she suggested I could see the PA (who I am NOT a fan of) or a partner I don't know or take an appointment (again at 2 in the afternoon) after the first of the year. This is starting to get ridiculous. All I want is refills on my migraine medication. ARGH!!

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