Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

In my week Thursdays do not exist. I have replaced them with Friday Eve. This particular Friday Eve is extra special because it is also Christmas Eve Eve and the holiday anticipation has reached a fever pitch. At least in my world. Today was an extraordinarily long day at work that was full of all kinds of tip the scales craziness. But it's over and I'm now officially on vacation (I think I'm going to end up being off more days than I worked in December). And my vacation started off well a decent drive, a Steelers win over the Panthers and a Pens win in a shootout over the Capitals. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
Also as a side note; I took tons of pictures of the cookie baking last weekend (using my parent's camera) and then left the camera at my parents. So depending on the cleaning/party prep schedule tomorrow there may be multiple posts about cookies.
Merry Christmas!

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