Monday, September 27, 2010

A surprise gift from my Grandmother!

So I was all set to Talk about why I think Five Guys has the best burger in Tampa. I was formulating my reasons and I even e-mail my crappy camera phone pictures to myself so that I could compress/resize them (cause who knew that the pictures from a tiny cellphone camera are actually GINORMOUS).
That was the plan until I got home tonight and checked the mail.I'm checking the mail way more religiously than usual this week because I'm waiting for a delivery from Coldwater Creek. So the keys for the parcel container were in my mailbox today and I was all sorts of excited (umm...hello most perfect jeans ever, please fit when you arrive.) It wasn't my Coldwater Creek delivery, but it was a package from my grandmother/Grammy Morgan; my mom's mom.
I got the package home and started opening it. I finally made it through all the tape and found a latch hook mat. See Below...

I called my mom, perplexed. According to MommaBear this is something I picked out as a young child. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I'm glad she sent it to me. I'm very excited that I'll get to thank her in person on Sunday evening.

Smiles. =)

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