Thursday, September 16, 2010

100 Days till Christmas

I know that today is supposed to be "Things I Love Thursday", but that idea got scrapped this week when I realized that today there are only 100 days till Christmas (I actually counted on my calendar at work a while ago, but just saw my reminder note today). I do have a post planned about Christmas and my love/joy/excitement for the impending fall/winter/holiday season, but I probably won't write it until the weekend.
I still feel like I'm lacking a point of view, I mean I know I'm writing so there is a point of view; I guess I feel I'm lacking something that makes my point of view unique. As in "Why are the things I love/places I go/etc more important than anyone else's?" and doesn't that question sound all self-important/self-pitying. My goal for the  next week is to move my computer downstairs and start working on my blog posts before I'm literally falling asleep at the keyboard. Hopefully more well planned/thought out/written posts will give way to a more clear and unique point of view.
SideNote: Clearly I'm loving the backslash /// tonight. Lol.

Funny Story of the Day:
I was watching The Big Bang Theory this evening (not something I view regularly, but pretty darn hilarious.) Anyway BFFMandy came home and tells me this story, about her dad (Mr.BFFMandy) and how he has a beef with the lyrics of the theme song; because it says something about the autotrophs drooling. Our conversation went like this:
Me: You don't know they don't drool...
BFFMandy: Umm, Yes I do. Because I know they make their own food.
Me: So...they could still drool.
BFFMandy: It's like plants and photosynthesis...Have you ever seen a plant drool?
Me: You don't know they're not drooling on the inside; they could be saying to themselves "Yuuuummm Carbon Dioxide..."
Both of us: (hysterical laughter)

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.
Smiles. =)

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